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Focus on digital printing equipment, your best choice!

NO.1 Domestic Digital Printing Machine Processing Plant

Advanced printing technology level and technology, walk in the forefront of printing technology industry.

Set digital printing processing and printing machine sales in one, comprehensively solve the problems encountered by users.

NO.2 The product quality is stable and the variety is complete.

All products are in line with international testing! The quality is stable and reliable.

Direct jet printing machine, tape printing machine, heat transfer printing machine, textile paint ink, heat transfer paper/ink, etc.

NO.3 Independent sales, product price is more advantageous

The same quality, our price is affordable; the same price, our quality is stable.

Market-oriented sales, support online and offline trading mode, genuine guarantee.

NO.4 Perfect service and after-sales system

All-round 4S service, all to the actual needs of customers as the core, urgent customers, worries about customers, think of customers, sell customers'needs.

After-sales: Provincial 0-8 hours of maintenance personnel can be in place, after-sales outlets 24 hours a day waiting for service.

NO.5 Good reputation of industry image

Selected first-line brand accessories, strict quality control, high quality, good reputation.

Long-term cooperation with Guangbao, Qunguang, Huawei, Foxconn and other large and medium-sized enterprises.

Service hotline:159-1883-7864 Consultation

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Dongguan Zhicai Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Zhicai Machinery Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.,Is a professional engaged in digital textile printing machine and digital printing application program research and development, production, sales and service support as one of the technical enterprises. The company is committed to providing the most comprehensive spray printing equipment and technology as one-stop solution for digital spray printing applications.

The product lines of Zhicai Machinery and Equipment Company are: Pipe Digital Belt Printing Machine, Professional Silk Roll-to-Roll Direct Injection Machine, Thermal Sublimation Printer, 3.2m Wide Digital Printing Machine for 3D Home Textile, UV Printer, Spray Painting Photograph Machine, etc.

Intelligent color digital solutions are mainly used in textile printing and dyeing, home textiles, home furnishings, leather, personalized design, advertising banner and other related fields. Source Printing Digital provides comprehensive R&D and technical support.

Intelligent Colour has absorbed and condensed a group of high-quality professional technicians and enterprising young management groups, formed a strong technical team and increasingly rigorous management system, has exquisite production technology and professional technical team in the field of wide-band photo machine, focusing on providing comprehensive solutions for the field of jet painting.